Cardiac Center at CHOP Launches New Educational Lecture Series for Healthcare Professionals

A new, free video-based educational series for clinical and research professionals in pediatric cardiology, hosted by Dr. Jack Rychik, will feature dynamic discussions and presentations about pediatric and congenital heart care

The Cardiac Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) is pleased to announce the launch of Pediatric & Congenital Heart Talks, a free, monthly, video-based educational resource for clinical and research professionals in pediatric cardiology.

Hosted by Jack Rychik, MD, director of the Fetal Heart Program at CHOP, and featuring discussions with world-class experts and thought-leaders in cardiac care, these dynamic video presentations will share new perspectives on basic principles, introduce novel concepts and exciting innovations, and offer unique insight into some of our field’s biggest challenges.

“I am excited to help launch this new series that will not only provide education on a variety of topics, but also stimulate some provocative thought,” said Rychik. “After watching the series, I hope our community will be better able to recognize how far we have come, but also to identify what needs to come next to solve challenging problems in the field of pediatric cardiology.”

The series launches on November 24 with its first episode featuring Yoav Dori, MD, PhD, director of the Jill and Mark Fishman Center for Lymphatic Disorders at CHOP, as he presents “The Forgotten Circulation: The Lymphatic System and Its Importance in Congenital Heart Disease.” Additional episodes will include in-depth discussions with several distinguished Cardiac Center at CHOP colleagues, including Meryl Cohen, MD, David Goldberg, MD, Jonathan J. Rome, MD, Julie Brothers, MD, FAAP and many more.

The Cardiac Center at CHOP cares for babies prior to birth, infants, children, and young adults with congenital and acquired heart conditions. The Cardiac Center team consists of more than 800 experts, including cardiologists, surgeons, critical care intensivists, pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists, advanced practice nurses, and many other experts. As part of one of the top-ranked and largest children’s hospitals in the U.S., the Cardiac Center offers direct access to highly qualified pediatric experts across every specialty.

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