First AngelMed Guardian Implants in Asia Pacific

Angel Medical Systems

Angel Medical Systems has announced the first implant of the AngelMed Guardian® device in Asia Pacific. Four implants were performed over a 3-day period last week in Singapore, and all patients have since been discharged from the hospital. Each implant procedure was supported by a Hydrix Medical field clinical engineer in Singapore with real-time remote support from Angel Medical Systems, USA.

Angel Medical Systems has developed the AngelMed Guardian®, the first implantable, patient alerting system designed to warn patients to seek medical attention for Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) including heart attacks. Delays in treatment contribute to the high level of mortality and morbidity from heart attacks.

Dr David Fischell

Dr David Fischell, founder and Chairman of Angel Medical Systems commented, “We are very pleased with the success of these first Asia Pacific implants and excited about the large potential market opportunity. It has been a global team effort in getting to this point, and I’d like to acknowledge Dr. Lam’s medical team and the teams from Hydrix and AngelMed for their hard work and dedication.”

The successful implants follow Hydrix’s announcement on March 13, 2020 that it had acquired an exclusive seven-year distribution agreement for eight Asia Pacific countries to distribute the AngelMed Guardian device, the world’s first FDA approved implantable heart attack warning system.

Gavin Coote, Hydrix Executive Chairman said, “The AngelMed Guardian® implants are a significant milestone for Hydrix and Angel Medical Systems. This achievement demonstrates strong execution of our buy, build, invest strategy to create product revenue and earnings streams, and of equal importance, reflects progress in our aspiration to meaningfully improve a billion lives.”

“The patients selected for implant in Singapore were chosen based on their previous medical history and the benefit they would derive from the AngelMed Guardian®. Hydrix Medical supplied the devices on a commercial basis to Dr. Leslie Lam whose patients were implanted at the Farrer Park Hospital Singapore under his GN-26 early access scheme permit,” said Gordie Nye, Chief Executive Officer, Angel Medical Systems.

In terms of next clinical steps, these implanted devices will gather data over a two-week period to establish each patient’s baseline heart signal. Each patient will then meet with Dr. Lam and a Hydrix Medical field clinical engineer with real-time remote support from Angel Medical Systems to calibrate and customize the device’s alarm configuration. The device will continuously monitor these patients’ heart signal to warn of an acute coronary syndrome event, including silent heart attacks.

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