HeartHero Partners With Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor


HeartHero’s industry disruptive Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Elliot, has found its voice in Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survivor Carrie “Zapgirl” Romero.

Drawn to HeartHero’s name and mission, Romero, a professional Voice Actor, long-time AED Advocate, and ICD patient, reached out to HeartHero’s CEO & Founder, Gary Montague.

“Cardiac Arrest is an extremely stressful time for the bystander, so a directive but calming voice was sought after,” said Montague. “Once I learned about Carrie’s story and her passion and advocacy for AED placement, the choice was an easy one.”

Carrie survived her first episode in 1997 during an in-hospital procedure. She’s lived every day since with an Implanted Cardioverter Defibrillator (ICD) in her chest.

“I knew that some AEDs available on the market were voiced by professional Voice Actors, but to my knowledge, none were voiced by someone who’s actually survived Sudden Cardiac Arrest. I’ve survived Sudden Cardiac Arrest multiple times because of my ICD, so I know from experience why it’s so important for everyone to have access to an AED. If you have a beating heart, you’re susceptible to Sudden Cardiac Arrest! HeartHero has designed the most portable, affordable, life-style friendly AED out there and I’m extremely honored to give Elliot its voice,” said Carrie Romero.

The HeartHero AED, Elliot, guides the user through the resuscitation process with auditory and visual guides, along with CPR prompts. Using cutting-edge technology and advanced machine learning, Elliot will feature recordable and retrievable data that can be provided to the physician at the time of the incident, thus enhancing patient treatment. Elliot’s intelligent AI rhythm detection far exceeds the guidelines set by the American Heart Association. Elliot will progress the external defibrillator industry, one save at a time. HeartHero’s AED is not yet FDA approved at the time of this article.

HeartHero is committed to positively impacting the outcome of Cardiac Arrest and to save more lives through a novel, connected Automated External Defibrillator (AED). By penetrating into the home market and identifying those at risk, HeartHero will empower them with a life-saving tool, thus accomplishing the mission of saving more lives.

Carrie “Zapgirl” Romero is a wife, mother, Voice Actor and Heart Disease Survivor who advocates for AEDs to be required by law.

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