In this edition of Cardiology2.0, some of the leading experts in the world of electrophysiology from across the U.S discuss the emergence of new wave of telecardiology. They talk about managing chronic care patients, patients with rhythm disorders, monitoring stroke and post-surgery patients during the pandemic and beyond.

On the cover we are featuring a game-changing, patented Swedish innovation for the American market. Philip Siberg and his team at Coala Life are re-imagining healthcare—putting transformative technologies into mainstream practice. .


Several practicing leaders share their thoughts and wisdom on topics ranging from stress echocardiography, cardiac MRI, cardiac CT, AI in nuclear cardiology, molecular imaging to image-guided therapy. Experts also share the joys and tribulations of a career in cardiovascular imaging, as they reflect on their own career.

We also feature 25 companies which are at the forefront of revolutionizing cardiac imaging.


Experts share their thoughts on what 2020 holds for the cardiovascular space.

The field of cardiac monitoring is in for a sea change. This edition features several interesting new trends in cardiovascular arrhythmia detection/ cardiac telemetry/remote cardiac monitoring, and advancements in wearable heart monitors. We also feature 30 leading companies in the ambulatory cardiac monitoring space.