Preeminent Boston Cardiologists Launch Concierge Medicine Practice with Specialdocs

Lown Cardiology Group launches a concierge medicine practice in Boston, offering a highly individualized, non-invasive approach to care. Sharing a passion for patient-centered care are distinguished physicians; (l to r) Drs. Charles Blatt, Dara Lee Lewis, Brian Bilchik, Alyson Kelley-Hedgepeth and Shmuel Ravid.

Building on their longstanding reputation for excellence in  cardiovascular medicine, the physicians of Lown Cardiology Group worked with Specialdocs Consultants to establish a new concierge medicine practice, offering patients a significantly enhanced experience and highly individualized approach to care. For decades, Drs. Brian Bilchik, Charles Blatt, Alyson Kelley-Hedgepeth, Dara Lee Lewis, and Shmuel Ravid, have been delivering outstanding, clinically advanced care with an emphasis on non-invasive, patient-centered solutions. The practice mantra embraced by all: do more for patients, and less to them.   

“We are privileged to help this team of gifted physicians continue to redefine their patients’ experience,” says Specialdocs CEO Terry Bauer. “In these challenging times, patients recognize the value of a long-term connection with their physician more than ever before.”

At the core of concierge medicine is a patient panel intentionally kept small, making a difference at every point of care. Same-day appointments for acute illness are readily available. Visits are extended and unhurried, with time to manage complex issues and tailor individual wellness plans. Patients receive their physician’s personal cell phone number and email for direct contact after hours.

“Understanding our patients’ individual strengths and vulnerabilities, knowing their families and social situations, are the greatest assets we have in providing the right tools to keep them healthy,” explains Dr. Bilchik. “But in a traditional system that rewards intervention far more than prevention, it’s becoming almost impossible to devote the time required to work with patients in this way. Our concierge model enables us to practice medicine thoughtfully, proactively and personally.”

Explains Dr. Ravid: “Emphasizing preventive measures and medical management is essential to minimizing the risk of most common cardiovascular conditions. Invasive intervention should remain a last resort, and only if absolutely indicated.”

Dr. Blatt’s holistic approach to patient care integrates his decades-long research focused on the impact of anxiety and depression on cardiac health. “When we have the resource of time, we can develop an individualized management plan that encompasses much more than choosing the right medicines and restores the patient’s joy in living.”

Affirms Dr. Kelley-Hedgepeth: “This can only happen when relationships develop over time, allowing for in-depth discussions of root causes and current lifestyle goals.” 

For Boston patient E.R., age 49, that type of care compelled her to join Lown Group’s concierge practice. “Understanding my condition is half the battle, but Alyson’s with me for the whole journey, helping me to manage it well,” she says.

Patient S.D., 66, a busy entrepreneur with a history of familial heart disease, describes Dr. Lee Lewis similarly: “You can get a lot of medical attention but still not be known personally by your doctor. Dr. Lee Lewis cares for patients at a different level than I’ve ever seen.”   

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