Daxor’s Unique Blood Volume Analysis Technology to Help Heart Failure Patients


Daxor Corporation (NYSE MKT: DXR), the global leader in blood volume measurement technology, today announces an expert analysis titled, “Anemia and Heart Failure: Guidance for Clinicians and Trialists” published July 6, 2021 in the American College of Cardiology (ACC).  The authors focus on detecting and addressing anemia in heart failure (HF) patients, a common and often unrecognized condition causing increased length of hospitalization and worsening outcomes.  The document specifically states, “every attempt should be made to measure and know total blood volume” and cites outcome studies that identify total blood volume via Daxor’s unique blood volume analysis technology.

The analysis additionally emphasizes the importance of direct measurement of a patient’s red blood cell volume, also citing supporting references of research papers and clinical trials applying blood volume measurements using Daxor’s BVA-100 Blood Volume Analyzer.  The authors state that “… connecting the current gaps in awareness of anemia prevalence in heart failure patients, the impact of current anemia diagnostics, and the potential for therapeutics to be more precisely targeted to improve safety and outcomes, it becomes clearer to us that there is some missing link—and it just may be how we think about what anemia represents and the priority we place on its measurement, management, and treatment.”

“Over 6 million Americans suffer from heart failure, one of the most prevalent and deadly diseases leading to nearly 1 million deaths and 1 million hospitalizations annually, and addressing anemia effectively is an important part of the solution,” said Michael Feldschuh, CEO and President of Daxor Corporation.  “Our proprietary BVA-100 blood test precisely quantifies the intravascular blood, plasma and red cell volume informing anemia and helps guide appropriate treatment strategies — resulting in significantly better clinical and economic benefits for patients and hospitals.”   

In addition to its current FDA-cleared BVA-100 blood test, Daxor is developing next-generation testing platforms under multiple contract awards with the U.S. Department of Defense and support from the National Institutes of Health, slated for release in 2022.

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